crappy zine club

Welcome to crappy zine club!

Only the finest crappy zines, delivered monthly from NYC.

How this works:

  • Submit your address to get on the mailing list.
  • You'll get about one zine per month, from now through the end of 2019. (Check your mail!)
  • Send me a few dollars to cover postage and materials:
    • Venmo: @Juliette-Melton
    • Paypal: JulietteMelton

Some questions you might have:

What is a zine?

Why are you doing this, exactly?

  • I want to make tangible things and share them with friends.

Why are you calling this project "crappy?" Isn't that a bad thing?

  • Because I'm bored with the current trend towards digital perfection. I want to recapture the sense of playfulness and non-preciousness that the early web and zine culture both share.

Can I make a zine, too?

  • Sure! Here's one template to start with, and here's how to assemble it. You can even send me a digital copy of your zine if you'd like for me to include it in future Crappy Zine Club mailings!

What are your zines about?

  • Um, tbd? Expect some sharpie art, salad dressing recipes, copy/pasted stuff I like, and other detritus that I pick up along the way.

Created by Julie, with ❤️ from NYC